25 x ‘Girl’ for free!

Of course, there cannot be a launch without a launching present… And what better present could you imagine than this - ‘Girl’, by Hans Defer? We featured this picture at our May 16th ‘the Lady vanishes’ event (pic 2), and what an amazing image it is! In fact, it has everything to become iconic, no?

Now, this piece can be signed by the artist and in your living room by next week. In collaboration with the artist, we offer it FOR FREE to the first 25 of you subscribing to our art blog. The only thing you’ve got to do is leave your mail address in the left upper corner, and send us a mail (info@UntitledXXI.com) with this word: ‘Girl’.

Moreover, by filling out your mail address you'll get access to the exclusive part of our site. At this very moment there's already a special promotion going on: our readers enjoy a spectacular reduction on a 2014 painting by Patrick Vertenten: have a look in the 'Framed' section.

There are no further obligations, by the way. By leaving your mail address you’ll be considered a Friend of UntitledXXI and enjoy these advantages:

  • You’ll get access to the exclusive part of our blog; articles and videos that we reserve just for our community.
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  • Once in a while - only when something important is happening - we’ll send you a mail.

Be fast…

If you’re not one of the lucky 25 this time, then maybe next time.

About the artist: Hans Defer is a painter and photographer living near the sea in Ostend (Belgium). When we visited him he told us about the influence of the ‘Brabant killers’ on his work. In the early 80s this gang carried out a series of bloody raids upon Belgian supermarkets. The cases are unresolved, so lots of conspiracy theories still get about.

Hans was 17 when all this happened. The threat is still tangible in his work. His distorted photographs do not seldom lead to paintings (pics 3 and 4).

We put posts on Instagram about Hans on September 3rd 2018 and March 29th 2019 - have a look at them!

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