Force of Habit

A guy walks down the street. Suddenly stops in front of a window: ‘Delicious Sandwiches’. He steps inside.
“Can i help you, sir?”
“… i think so…”
“Today we’ve got the fennel-salmon. It’s delicious…”
“Don’t like salmon, sir? You’re not the only one - my sister’s husband…”
“… no, no, no, i do like salmon…”
“… so it’s the fennel. We understand. Don’t have to be embarrassed about that either, sir: my niece Deb simply HATES it - last time she said, Irma she said…”
“… no, no, no, i like fennel too…”
“Well sir, then…”
“… it’s just… You told me they’re delicious… and… well… to be honest, i don’t want them to.”
“… sir…”
“I know, i know, madam, it’s written all over your window… But are they ALL...”
“Well… Wait, i’ll ask Pete. PEEEETE!!!”
(in the kitchen) “Yes, Irma?”
“Do we have one that isn’t delicious?”
"Tell him to take the club sandwich, Irma!”
“The club sandwich isn’t delicious, sir. It’s your lucky day, sir!”
“Club sandwich. Hm. Not my favourite. But it isn’t delicious, you say.”
“No it isn’t, sir.” 
“Still, on your window…”
(Pete)“Tell him the message on the window doesn’t state that they’re ALL delicious, Irma!”
“You heard Pete, sir. Not all of them are delicious. Just some.”
“Ow. Well, i trust you. So if i got it right the club sandwich isn’t delicious.”
“… it’s tasty though. Very tasty even.”
“Very, you say?”
(suspicious look) “Yes, but not too, if you know what i mean…”
“No, i must say i don’t know, madam. Can you explain the difference betw...”
(Pete bursting out of the kitchen) “OH COME ON MAN, BUGGER OFF! WHAT’S YOUR B*****PROBLEM?” (pulling 4 sandwiches out, smashing them on the counter) “HERE,TUNA-MAYONNAISE: DELICIOUS! CHICKEN-CURRY: TASTY! CLUB: TASTY! PORK BASILICUM: DELICIOUS! WHAT WILL IT BE, SIR?” (stands akimbo) “AND IRMA WILL YOU GET THAT F****** HEAD OFF THAT COUNTER?"
“Sorry, Pete. Force of habit.”
“Well, errr… Hm. Oooowkay… Let’s see… Then i think i’ll just skip the sandwich today sir and… Are the oranges delicious or tasty sir, because on your window it only says that…”

(Painting by Colleen Barry, 2019.)

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