Title: Salt Flower

Artist: Makoto Azuma




Current - November

If someone asked you to name your favourite thing to come out of Argentina what would you say? Tango? Football? Second World War conspiracy theories, perhaps? I, for one, am ashamed to say I wouldn’t have said art. This is a real shame as they are actually the founders of one of the worlds most ambitious Global Art events.

The International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America
, or, Bienalsur for short aims to link countries and cultures from around the world using our biggest questions: How do we view gender? How can we evenly distribute this planet’s finite resources? Is there a problem with mass migration? - Who knows? Art may not be the solution but talking about a problem is the first step in solving it.

Fancy taking part in such a groundbreaking event? Well, I’ve got some fantastic news for you. Ground zero for this event is in Buenos Aires Argentina, however, the event not only spans the entirety of Argentina but also the entire world. Everywhere from Spain to Japan has events being held as part of the Bienalsur. The headline acts of this world tour of art include Bill Viola (titan of contemporary video) and his collaboration with Brazilian curator Marcello Dantas on June 21st at the Franklin Rawson Provincial Museum of Fine Arts of San Juan, Argentina. Along with an exhibition from Spanish artist Rogelio López Cuenca called “Keep Reading, Giving Rise” which is currently on show until the August the 26th at the Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern of the Palma de Mallorca Island, Majorca, Spain. These are just two of the amazing events going on worldwide, make sure to visit to see a full list of what’s going on and where.

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