"Ways and Paths", 2018

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This month we’re putting Christin Lutze in the spotlight. We introduced Christin, a young, talented artist living and painting in Berlin, almost a year ago: August 1, 2018 (Instagram) - August 3, 2018 (Facebook).

Now look at the imagination, the sunny warmth, the tenderness her spaces breath (the oil on canvas above is called 'Unsentimental Journey', dimensions 200x130cm/78x51inches, price 5.900 euros). Have a look at her other work on @christin.lutze, and www.christin-lutze.de.

Today we’ve got a (very) special and exclusive promotion for our readers. In collaboration with Christin we’re able to offer you one of her watercolours/gouache on paper, 'Ways and Paths' (2018), 33x22cm/13x9inches, regular price 425 euros, for 125 euros! Have a look at the work and the offer inside!

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