The 70s: if you remember them, you weren't there

Have a look at these analogue photographs... I was so lucky to find them, a couple of months ago, on a vintage market. 7 in total. Last week i framed them, and... i think they’re fascinating. The way this (i guess press) photographer has captured an era, preserving the atmosphere of the 70s as if for always… well: “Some girls are bigger than others,” the Mozzer, years later, sang. Now some press photographers clearly are too.

I don’t know who took these pics, but i’d very much like to. At the bottom of some of them the name of the performer is added, and a number. The highest number i got is 72. And i only found 7 of them. So there are many more where these come from. (Btw the guy on pic 4 indeed is Lou Reed, who left us in 2013.)

If anyone could give me a hint about who took these pics, he/she would do me a huge favour. One never knows… I'll keep my fingers crossed…! Btw, one of next days i’ll tell you a story of what happens when i’m handling the guitar on stage.

In the meantime: make some noise, cry out loud! Why? Because it’s an outrage! What? Everything!

(From high to low: Angus Young (ACDC), Ellen Foley, Tom Robinson, Lou Reed, Angus Young again, The Specials, The Kids.)

(The Tom Robinson pic - pic 3 - reminded me of a painting by Jenna Gribbon. Read all about it in our today's Instagram post...)

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