SKYNET is coming!

The Barbican Centre, London


May 16th — August 26th

What’s the big deal with Artificial Intelligence? What does it mean for humankind to be intellectually surpassed by our own creations? That's what the Barbican’s latest exhibition AI: More than human aims to find out. In a powerful collaboration between artists, scientists, and researchers, they have curated a series of works that aim to open our minds to Artificial Intelligence and its endless possibilities. What can be achieved when we allow artificial beings to stretch their artificial legs? When we stop forcing AI to mimic our pitiful human processes and instead allow them to focus on the problems so big you can’t even wrap your head around them?

The works include research projects from the likes of MIT and interactive exhibits from British Trip Hop sensation Massive Attack (what a combination!). So buckle up your best black boots, chuck on your longest leather trench coat, and prepare to fight off the invasion. Or perhaps it’s already too late...

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