Wim Delvoye at the RMFAB

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Current - until July 21st

Those of you not from Belgium would be forgiven for wondering “who on earth is Wim Delvoye?”, those from Belgium probably wouldn’t.

You see, Wim Delvoye is somewhat of a living legend within the Belgian art community. Known for his neo-conceptual and often shocking works, he blurs the lines between what is considered beautiful and what is considered disgusting, in other words, you can’t help but stare. Probably his most notable, and, certainly his most controversial work is undoubtedly the tattooing of live pigs. The tattoos themselves range from the mundane and humorous to the beautiful and downright weird, giving critics and the media alike a field day of animal rights issues and social statements.

As well as blurring the lines of our modern standards beauty, he often blurs that ever so fine line between artist and art director, with the majority of his work since the early nineties having been executed by others under his creative direction. Regardless of how you feel about the ethics of his work, it is undeniably fascinating. At the very least you’ll find yourself with a very different perspective on both tattoos and pigs.

Until July 21st the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium is showing a comprehensive collection of work from throughout Delvoye's career, including some never before seen pieces created specifically for the exhibition. This is the perfect exhibition for any student with an interest in the humorous and gruesome looking for some inspiration, as well as art veterans looking to see something different.

Make sure to pay close attention to the craftsmanship behind his work. Delvoye is well known for using cutting edge technology to create pieces that would never have been conceivable in the past.

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